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Monday, March 1, 2010

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while

Purely because a lot has been going on. I'm going to make two posts today, one about the wedding and one about the status of the Alice Costume.

This one is for the costume.

So my last post was about how the screen had come out for the screen printing and how pretty a shiny it was. Well, as pretty as it was, it turned out horribly. And ended in Kalioseano having to buy new fabric for the dress and starting over again. She's been a wonderfully good sport about everything...

But, she did it, she remade the dress, without the print and the jacket. Almost everything is done except for button holes!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kalioseano sent me a new message!

She just got her hands on the screen and I wanted to share the pictures she sent me.


So I made a pretty sign for the wedding and wanted to share it::

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I went dress shopping the other day...

For THE dress and was intending only to get ideas so that my mom and I could make it, but I ended up buying one. I really wasn't expecting this. But it would cost us more to make this dress than what we could buy it for so, we went with it. I'll leave a comment on how much it cost, but I want to shock you, because to me, it looks so much more expensive.

Unfortunately you cannot see the flower details around the waist, at least not enough to do it justice, but you can get an idea. Please excuse the funny face I am making as my mom didn't tell me she was going to take a picture. And please also excuse my weight. I am in the process of losing weight. I just got my membership to the Y. Yay!

So I've been keeping a running tally of

All of my ideas for the wedding, I'd like to post them here, so other people can give their own opinions or even give me new ideas! If the ideas have a * in front of them, I've already started or finished this idea.

Here is where I am getting married::
The ceremony will be held in the garden and the reception will be held inside the 19th century mansion.

-Lawn flamingos on the front lawn.
*Signs with Alice quotes on them, guiding guest to the ceremony area (which is kind of hidden)
-A vintage mirror on the door of the mansion with a small sign that says "Step Through the Looking Glass"
*A vintage, non-traditional teapot on every table.
-Top hats, each decorated with a different ribbon but all having the same sale tag on them, to be given out as favors at the beginning of the reception and everyone encouraged to wear them.
-Top hats full of flower petals and random items as decoration around the mansion.
-My fiance is going to wear a tailcoat with a high vest and an interesting tie, as well as his own top hat.
*Mad Hatter cake that is a lopsided three layer cake, with sugar teapots and teacups under each layer.
*A tea party menu with scones, tea sandwiches, fruit, of course tea, two types of beer, pink champagne, and apple-tinis (one of my favorite drinks and the first one my Fiance had when he was legal).

And just to note, I'm not going with the usual Red, Black, and White Alice wedding, my colors are::

A soft pink,
A soft blue, & A soft green.

Thanks so much for reading guys, over 800 views!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Laptop..

I finally got a new one! It's an HP and very cute and wonderful...

In other news, I have spoke before about how I am having an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Wedding, and not really elaborated before. I have also decided to post stuff about that as well, considering many of you may find my ideas interesting...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Sketch for the Jacket!

A big thanks to kalioseano.

You should note, however, that her sketch is missing a button. We discussed it, but I'm not going to make her re-do her sketch for it. So, if using this to make your own reproductions or to comission someone else... THERE ARE THREE BUTTONS.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am having a bit of...

Vertigo today. Compound that with joint aches and I'm just not feeling very well. So you'll have to excuse my short post, as I have five Etsy items to share with you, but at the risk of passing out in my computer chair, I'm only going to share two today.

The first one is actually the most expensive one, but I'm sure it would totally be worth the price. It's a Mad tea Party Chandelier. It is completely handmade and absolutely gorgeous. However, the nasty little thing about it is the price tag. At $425.00, it is way too expensive for my taste. But maybe not for yours.

If you're like me, and low on funds to fully worship your obessions, then maybe you could settle for just the lamp version? Which costs a mere $125.00.

You can find both in whimsicalcollections's shop.

Now, my next item has to be one of the cutest, non-practical items I have ever seen. I would love to purchase these cute little finger puppets, but my fiance might take me to the crazy house for talking to them. But imagine! You could make your own Alice Puppet Pals video on youtube! And at only $23.00 you're not spending a fortune if your fiance throws them out...

You can find them in WeeKnit's shop.

Okay guys, back to the couch with me. I miss my sh*##y laptop.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A bit of bad news...

My laptop has stopped working. It's a year and a half old Dell, and for some stupid reason, made out of cheap plastic. Well, needless to say, I feel stupid. I'm looking into buying a Gateway, but it will be a few weeks before this purchase is possible. Meantime, I will be using my fiance's old desktop. So I will not be on as often as I was...

Hopefully I will get that etsy post up tomorrow though.


Friday, January 1, 2010

So cool!

500 views! Well, a little more, but still. I'm so excited! Oh and btw,


I'm so excited for 2010. I'm getting married and moving close to the beach... well 3 hours away, but... thats still closer than my current 12 hours... at least to the nice beach... I'm rambling...

But sometime this weekend I will be posting another post about the things I found on Etsy. I have a bunch of cool items to share.


Thursday, December 31, 2009

The sketch of the dress!

kalioseano sent me her sketch of the dress today. I think it looks awesome and can't wait.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Late-Holidays...

Except for New Years... so I've got a couple days on that holiday.

I actually requested a video from LollyMalfoy on youtube, whom completed the video featured below. I really wanted someone to do a video with "Post Modern Girls" by The Strokes and Regina Specktor for the Hatter// Alice relationship. I think it turned out wonderfully. She did an awesome job.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Okay, I've been studying the pattern on Alice's dress...

And I think I've figured out what it is... kind of... at least I've narrowed it down to two close interpretations. The blue stands for the white. lol. I think the first one is closest... What do you think?

Btw, thanks guys for over 300 views!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally Picked Someone to Make My Alice Outift!

Okay, so I put an Alchemy bid on Etsy for Alice's dress and jacket, and I got 13 bids! I was not expecting to have so many bids and interest! I had about 5-7 bids in the price range I was looking for and they all had pretty impressive portfolios. But one particularity stood out. Kali Oseano. Her porfoilo was incredible, and her price very reasonable. I'm so excited. The dress to the right was one of her creations. I can't wait to start working with her!

Through some research...

And looking at another person's blog, I have found that the shoes Alice is wearing are these:

John Fluevog Women's Inge Cuffed Boot
* Shaft height measures approximately 9 3/4" from arch
* Boot opening measures approximately 12 1/2" around
* Heel measures approximately 3"

They could be found here::

But they seem to have sold out. If anyone finds another place to buy them, please let me know!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hatter//Alice videos.

I love the Hatter and Alice relationship as much as anyone else, but I gotta say, I'm getting a little sick of all the music videos on youtube pertaining to it. So I found one that didn't, that I just happen to be in love with and thought I'd share it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Over 100 Views!

Although I'm pretty sure that over 50% of those are me, I'm still pretty happy that at least a few people have been reading what I've written.

PLEASE COMMENT. Maybe I'll fedex you a popsicle. A cherry one. Those are the best.

<-- That is me, by the way. I look silly.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Fabrics for Alice's Jacket

I found this for the jacket. It's a beautiful no stretch velvet.

It can be found at Distinctive Fabric.

It has come to my attention that distinctive fabric doesn't ship internationally, so I found another fabric on another site that may work, not as well, but still workable.

It's another no stretch velvet burgundy.

It can be found at the Fabric Fashion Club Website.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I love these items from etsy!

A cute little pocket watch with the Mad Hatter tea party scene on it. I love the old illustrations! And I love even more that it is on a pocket watch! I want to get this to wear purely as a necklace.

It is a real, working, quartz movement pocket watch. It is battery operated and it is so cute!

It is sold by finkgifts, for $25.00.

This are the cutest cuff links! I totally want to buy them for my fiance for the wedding! (Did I mention I am having an Alice in wonderland tea party wedding?!) They are so cute.

I know, they are technically not Alice in Wonderland items, but come on... rabbit. And even if you don't like Alice, they are just adorable. And totally worth the buy!

They are sold by CosmicFirefly, for $34.50.

Okay, if you like Alice, you NEED to have one of these necklaces in EVERY SINGLE COLOR. Why? To match all of your outfits of course! These are so adorable and come in any color you could think of. And you can even add glitter! How cute is that?! She can even make it glow in the dark.

They are sold and produced by NeliaTenlion, for only $7.00.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alice's Blue Dress from Alice (2009)

Alice's dress from Alice (2009) was pure genius on the part of Angus Strathie, one of the masterminds behind Moulin Rouge's (2001)costumes. The way he infused Alice's pinafore with ric rack trim on the blue mod dress is wonderful. I am even a fan of the subtle diamond pattern as well as the slight white pebbling on the fabric. It seems to be made of a heavier cotton blend. I am also a big fan of the cute little pockets, as pockets add a nice whimsical touch to any dress.

People seem to be divided on the stockings, and I must say I am too. I understand their purpose in to bring out the blue and to make everything stand out, color wise, and to give Alice that tough, modern, hip look. However, the fire engine red wasn't the perfect match to me. I would've gone with something more red wine-ish or burgandy, with a tinge of plum, to tie them more to her jacket. But as they are, they are just a plain pair of fire-engine red stockings.

And her shoes were also a wonderful choice. Heels would've been too sophiticated and impossible for her to kick butt in. And flats would've looked terribly childish and would've worked against Alice's tough image.

Her coat is a funny little piece because it happens to be the same length as her dress. I guess Hatter is just magic like that, but although it wasn't my favorite part of her outfit, it was a strong, good piece. It seems to be made with a plum velvet, possibly silk, trimmed with what looks like silk ribbon of some sort that is just a shade or two lighter than the actual coat. It has two over sized buttons for top closure and seems to be tapered around the waist and then flair out a bit for volume.

(thanks to for most the wonderful pictures)


This site is dedicated to the costume studies of any and all costumes from any Alice in Wonderland TV shows, miniseries, and movies.

My name is Allie and my email is, if you should have any questions.

First I will be covering the Alice costume from Alice (2009), the miniseries.

(my personal favorite)