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Saturday, January 16, 2010

So I've been keeping a running tally of

All of my ideas for the wedding, I'd like to post them here, so other people can give their own opinions or even give me new ideas! If the ideas have a * in front of them, I've already started or finished this idea.

Here is where I am getting married::
The ceremony will be held in the garden and the reception will be held inside the 19th century mansion.

-Lawn flamingos on the front lawn.
*Signs with Alice quotes on them, guiding guest to the ceremony area (which is kind of hidden)
-A vintage mirror on the door of the mansion with a small sign that says "Step Through the Looking Glass"
*A vintage, non-traditional teapot on every table.
-Top hats, each decorated with a different ribbon but all having the same sale tag on them, to be given out as favors at the beginning of the reception and everyone encouraged to wear them.
-Top hats full of flower petals and random items as decoration around the mansion.
-My fiance is going to wear a tailcoat with a high vest and an interesting tie, as well as his own top hat.
*Mad Hatter cake that is a lopsided three layer cake, with sugar teapots and teacups under each layer.
*A tea party menu with scones, tea sandwiches, fruit, of course tea, two types of beer, pink champagne, and apple-tinis (one of my favorite drinks and the first one my Fiance had when he was legal).

And just to note, I'm not going with the usual Red, Black, and White Alice wedding, my colors are::

A soft pink,
A soft blue, & A soft green.

Thanks so much for reading guys, over 800 views!

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  1. This sounds so amazing, and your fiance is so cool for being cool with this :)