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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am having a bit of...

Vertigo today. Compound that with joint aches and I'm just not feeling very well. So you'll have to excuse my short post, as I have five Etsy items to share with you, but at the risk of passing out in my computer chair, I'm only going to share two today.

The first one is actually the most expensive one, but I'm sure it would totally be worth the price. It's a Mad tea Party Chandelier. It is completely handmade and absolutely gorgeous. However, the nasty little thing about it is the price tag. At $425.00, it is way too expensive for my taste. But maybe not for yours.

If you're like me, and low on funds to fully worship your obessions, then maybe you could settle for just the lamp version? Which costs a mere $125.00.

You can find both in whimsicalcollections's shop.

Now, my next item has to be one of the cutest, non-practical items I have ever seen. I would love to purchase these cute little finger puppets, but my fiance might take me to the crazy house for talking to them. But imagine! You could make your own Alice Puppet Pals video on youtube! And at only $23.00 you're not spending a fortune if your fiance throws them out...

You can find them in WeeKnit's shop.

Okay guys, back to the couch with me. I miss my sh*##y laptop.


  1. I found your blog through WeeKnit's twitter. What an amazing Alice set they made and cool blog you have. I thought you might be interested in winning a free set from WeeKnit so just wanted to pass along this information :)

  2. Thanks so much! Yeah, Weeknit sent me the link a day ago when she noticed that I was having an Alice Wedding ( I was looking for someone to make invites on Etsy). And I was like, "I just featured you!" So she said she would link me. lol.