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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alice's Blue Dress from Alice (2009)

Alice's dress from Alice (2009) was pure genius on the part of Angus Strathie, one of the masterminds behind Moulin Rouge's (2001)costumes. The way he infused Alice's pinafore with ric rack trim on the blue mod dress is wonderful. I am even a fan of the subtle diamond pattern as well as the slight white pebbling on the fabric. It seems to be made of a heavier cotton blend. I am also a big fan of the cute little pockets, as pockets add a nice whimsical touch to any dress.

People seem to be divided on the stockings, and I must say I am too. I understand their purpose in to bring out the blue and to make everything stand out, color wise, and to give Alice that tough, modern, hip look. However, the fire engine red wasn't the perfect match to me. I would've gone with something more red wine-ish or burgandy, with a tinge of plum, to tie them more to her jacket. But as they are, they are just a plain pair of fire-engine red stockings.

And her shoes were also a wonderful choice. Heels would've been too sophiticated and impossible for her to kick butt in. And flats would've looked terribly childish and would've worked against Alice's tough image.

Her coat is a funny little piece because it happens to be the same length as her dress. I guess Hatter is just magic like that, but although it wasn't my favorite part of her outfit, it was a strong, good piece. It seems to be made with a plum velvet, possibly silk, trimmed with what looks like silk ribbon of some sort that is just a shade or two lighter than the actual coat. It has two over sized buttons for top closure and seems to be tapered around the waist and then flair out a bit for volume.

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